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What is landscape lighting design?

Landscape lighting design involves strategically placing lighting fixtures to enhance the visual appeal and atmosphere of your outdoor space. It aims to highlight architectural features, create ambiance, and improve safety.

How does your landscape lighting design process work?

Our process begins with a consultation to understand your vision. We then create a tailored lighting concept, plan installation details, execute the installation, and invite you for a walkthrough to ensure your satisfaction.

What types of lighting do you offer?

We offer a range of lighting options, including Bistro Lighting, Permalites 365 with color-changing capabilities, RGB LED C9 lights for customizable effects, and Moon Lighting for a natural, enchanting ambiance.

Why should I choose Smart Light Landscape Lighting?

We bring years of experience, a family-owned approach, and a proven track record of transforming outdoor spaces. Our designs are tailored to your preferences, and our LED lighting solutions are energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

How do I request a consultation?

You can easily request a free consultation by reaching out to us via phone at 972-729-0599 or by sending an email to txsmartlights@gmail.com. We'll be happy to discuss your project and explore possibilities.

Which areas do you service?

We provide our landscape lighting services in the DFW Metroplex area. If you're located in this region, we're ready to illuminate your outdoor world. Get in touch to learn more.

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Lighting Types

Featured Lighting Types

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Commercial Grade Patio String Lighting, known as Bistro of Cafe Lighting. Great for lighting festive interiors and exteriors including building outlines, patio lighting, gazebos, porches, tents, streets and many other applications. Available in Classic Warm White & RGB Color Changing.
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A permanent lighting solution that allows you to have ANY color for ANY occasion at ANY time with Permalites 365, the newest innovation in permanent lighting. These color changing lights are individually addressable and are controlled locally or cloud based.
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Designed to allow you to change colors, add motion and effects, and even create custom colors, RGB LED C9 lights are definitely the way to go if you want cars lined up around the block gawking in awe at your lighting setup.
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Indulge in the enchanting allure of Moonlighting – a graceful simulation of moonlit radiance in your yard. This technique exudes refined elegance, suffusing your space with captivating ambiance and a touch of nature's magic.
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